Jeep Grand Cherokee shift knob

For many Jeep enthusiasts, the Jeep Grand Cherokee remains one of the most durable and well built vehicles around. However, with every new model of this vehicle, the Grand Cherokee starts to show its age. And when it comes to parts replacement, many car owners may find it hard to find genuine OEM parts to fix their vehicles. This is where the aftermarket part takes its place. The following tips will help you purchase an authentic Jeep Grand Cherokee shift knob to restore your vehicle back to its former glory.

There are two common types of shift knobs for the Jeep Grand Cherokee. One is the conventional screw-on shift knob, while the other is the retractable knob. The conventional knob is much easier to install and operate than the retractable kind. It also has a greater scope of functionality because it is designed to be installed on all types of auto parts such as the driveline, the undercarriage and the shifter. However, this type of knob requires more work and expertise to install and remove and this is why most vehicle owners opt for the aftermarket shift knob.

This type of shift knob is available in different shapes, sizes and colors. This means that you can easily find one that matches the appearance of your vehicle's interior. When choosing a shifter knob, there are a few things to consider aside from its appearance. The materials used for the body of the auto part must complement the type of screws that will be mounted to the auto part. Also, make sure that the size of the knob is suitable for the type of shift lever that will be installed.

If you decide to buy an aftermarket shift knob, make sure that you get one that is durable enough to withstand constant use. This means that the knob should be made from sturdy and heavy-duty materials. Although you can find some cheap ones available in the market, they won't last long and will need to be replaced soon after you have installed them. Before buying any aftermarket knob, you need to check the size of the shifter that will be installed. The size of the shifter must be compatible with the shafts that control the gears in your vehicle.

A Jeep Grand Cherokee is usually equipped with a manual shifter knob. Most vehicle owners prefer to have this type of shifter knob because it enables them to easily access the gearshifts without having to exert effort. On the other hand, a clutch shifter knob is preferred by some individuals so that they can easily engage or disengage the clutch while driving. A clutch shifter knob typically features two removable brass shafts that must be inserted into the clutch.

Installing a Grand Cherokee shift knob is not complicated. However, you need to read the instructions included with your vehicle's owner guide very carefully to ensure that you follow all the necessary procedures to install the right type of shifter. When installing the shift knob, you need to first remove the negative linkages between the shifter boot. Next, take out the shifter boot bolts and twist the two shafts securely so that they cannot come out. Once the shifter boot is removed, you can slide off the shifter.

After you have successfully installed the shifter, you need to reinstall the negativelinkage links and screw the screws back into place. Finally, you can install the new shifter boot. The installation process for a Grand Cherokee shift knob can actually be completed in just a matter of minutes. However, you need to use special tools like an adjustable wrench to properly tighten and loosen the screws. As you have seen, installing this type of auto part is not as difficult as you think.

Before you start shopping for the best Jeep Cherokee shifters, you need to find the best source that provides the genuine Jeep Grand Cherokee shift knobs at the most reasonable price. It is important to note that you can actually find numerous online distributors selling the same part at lower prices. Therefore, it is recommended that you shop online for all your auto parts needs. Browse through the large selections of products so that you will easily compare the prices and the details of each auto part that you are planning to purchase.